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We still don't know exactly who leaked the many US intel documents that have recently appeared online. But for a new Bellingcat investigation, Aric Toler spoke to several people on the Discord server where they may have first originated.

#intelligence #osint #ukraine #usa

Any ideas why discord is constantly trying to ptrace something?

If, like me, you knew Steve Jobs and you know RMS, this is hilarious.

Richard Stallman's Ted talk in the style and voice of Steve Jobs (voice synthesis from, some text from ChatGPT)

@changelog @evan @jerod @adam Excellent episode, enjoyed listening to this!

Around 56mins in, you discuss that you want a feature to check if a person from a website is on the fediverse. Well luck would have it, that pretty much exists! Its called StreetPass, and uses Mastodon's authentification system where you can show that your profile is associated with a website. So everytime you visit a website where someone has used this system it shows up for you who owns it.

🎉 New episode of The Changelog!

@evan is back to take @jerod & @adam deeper into the Fediverse 🧐

As many of us reconsider our relationship with Twitter, Mastodon has been by-and-large the target of migration. It helped popularize the idea of a federated universe of community-owned, decentralized social networks. And, at the heart of it all is ActivityPub 💚

Today, Evan shares the details behind this protocol and where the Fediverse *might* be heading 🔮


attention my dark electro, #ebm #industrial friends

I made the discovery of @pgcd via @radiofreefedi and holy crap is this track an absolute ripper!

the entire catalogue is outstanding, outstanding mix of dark friendly genres and themes with some classic alt indie flair see also "This is Just an Illusion"

#nowPlaying #np

Yes of course I know all about what dunning-Krueger syndrome is. I’m very familiar with the idea people get better at stuff over time.

“The underlying #philosophy of unrestrained #capitalism is that
whatever is best for people with the most money is good for
people with the least. This is such a perversion of common sense that it would be laughable, were it not so obscenely unjust.

Only a fool would think that
capitalistic command-and-control
organizations could ever produce
an equitable, enduring free #society. Only a greedy man would create them. Only an arrogant man would run them.” —Dee Hock

I got access to GitHub Copilot for CLI and it's pretty sweet!

user reports curl doesn't work on his system, gets annoying cert error

turns out user is indeed getting MITMed so the check worked exactly as intended

New episode out now!

Besides the news about the front, there's also problems in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, related to the current situation and power shitfs in the region. This was causes problems everywhere.

The Washington Post now flags journalists' profiles as verified on Mastodon.

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