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The #IMSI catcher in Paris is most interesting.

Police arrest woman in a car.

They are shocked to discover this Pelican-case-of-mystery inside.

It's an IMSI catcher, but they don't know this yet.

So the bomb squad is brought in.

And it is blown up...

Only later specialists are brought in, whereupon the headlines stop.

Pic source: a tweet from Amaury Bucco. 1/


Realized it's a very rare day that I don't log in to AWS...

A threat actor is claiming they have obtained data of 400,000,000 Twitter users and is offering it for sale.

you can lead a horse to a discord but you can't make it chat

Mastodon + Motif = mastif! 😎​
Experimenting with Xm, Xt, X11, libcurl, libjson-c on IRIX.

There was once a dream of a decentralised web.

As recently as a decade ago we had a still very active blogosphere, connected via blogrolls and RSS. Specialised web forums were still mainstream and messenger apps could largely interoperate.

Centralised social media slowly ate that dream. It had plenty of positives, but it pulled more and more people away from the open web and into corporate walled gardens.

Some people kept the dream of decentralisation alive. And now you are here.


My partner came up with the idea of creating an instance for #LongCovid in which sufferers, carers, and allies could interact. This is how was born.
He saw how useful the #LongCovid community has been for me during the past two years and wanted to make sure we have a safe space in case the bird site deteriorates.
So here we are, instance is now ready & hopefully will offer each other meaningful interactions and support here.

It’s happening. My son (14) tells me that one of his classmates suddenly realized in school this morning that he must give a presentation he should have prepared. He quickly got #ChatGPT to do it, presented the result in class and got the top mark.

Use Drafts? Use Mastodon? Drafts is adding native support for posting to Mastodon through an action step, and complete access to the Mastodon API through scripting enabling advanced option to post polls, import data, and more.

These features are in beta now, and we'd love to have more testers/feedback! Details on getting TestFlight access:

I finally got this #retrocomputing exhibit set up in my campus office. A fully-functional, restored Macintosh Plus from 1986. Complete with a branded hardwood floppy storage box and #afterdark

#vintagecomputing #macplus #macintosh

It's pure Calvinball.

Katie ran the Space last night where journalists gathered and where Musk showed up and tried (badly) to defend the journalism bans.

Now Katie has been banned from using Spaces.

As @mmasnick points out, it's crazy that in a matter of two weeks Elon Musk went from proudly revealing purportedly damning internal Twitter discussions about blocking links to a news article about Hunter Biden's laptop to banning users who posted publicly available information (flight data) and blocking users from posting links to a competing service.

I've read many requests to add Mastodon links to GitHub profiles for verification and discovery purposes.

My team is working on allowing you to add a number of social profile links, but given upcoming holiday vacations, it won't ship until the new year. We don't want to rush something out at the potential cost of disrupting what is generally a quiet time for our engineers.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't talk about in progress work on social media, but y'all seem like you can keep a secret.

I'm a big fan of icons from the black-and-white Mac era. There's something so compelling about that question of how do you distil the essence of this app/game/function into a 32x32 pixel square using only black dots on a transparent white background? Susan Kare from the Mac team was especially great at this; her icons for Mac system apps are just phenomenal.

TIL: There is a cursed color in the Kodak ProPhoto RGB color space which, when converted to sRGB using pre-August-2020-Security-Update Android's image conversion routines, causes an integer overflow and a crash due to a rounding error. Some dude accidentally created an image ( which contains the cursed color on a single pixel. In 2020 if you set this image as your desktop on a Google or Samsung device, the device would brick & lose all onboard data

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